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Default Re: I think it's time.

Well,I know what your saying.I just started telling people I was bi like this summer and it sucks when the people you really care about don't understand but she's your mom and I personally think if your sure this is who you are,your better off telling her now then lying to her for years about it.That's usually what mothers have the most trouble with,knowing that you've been lying to them about it for so long.I mean I can't use the same logic with my mom I'm hoping that I'll just end up with a guy and everything will work itself out but in your case it seems like theres no getting around it.I do however suggest meeting with a professional or possibly another parent that knows what your mother will be going through,that way she can talk to someone that truly understands the parents side of things.I do believe that in time your mother will understand and except you for who you are,but maybe thats something your just gonna have to trust.Tell her who you are and in time trust that her love for you will help her come around.Sorry that was so long.Goodluck.
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