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as far as i know pueberty will nto effect the amount of fat in your body... if you weigh 175 at 5'8 and you dont think you look fat then a lot of that could be from muscle. like if you play a sport that has a lot of running or other such activities. If you want to lose weight basic principals are eat way better, no junk food at all and eat more healthy foods. And excercise. You can do everything from jogging to swimming but remember keep a steady fast pace no matter what your doing or else it will do no good. Also when you eat a salad make sure you do indulge on to much dressing. some dressings have a lot of fat in them. My suggestion is to look at the nutrition facts and see if what you are eating is actually healthy for you. If it is excercise more. and if you dont understand the nutrition info ask your parents to explain them better.

And as to the maximum weight thing. you can eat nothing but salad and still get fat. It all has to do with portions and what is in the food. eat smaller portions and dont snack inbetween meals. just have a small breakfast (healthy cereal none of that sugar crap like capn crunch or frosted flakes... try cheerios or special k) a medium lunch and a slightly larger dinner. And it is also good to eat earlier. Dont eat dinner at 8:00 at night. i think a good time for diiner is probably around 5-6 o'clock.

these are my favorites

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