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dude...that's not love...not to me no offense. That's more of a drooling crush than it is love. I don't mean to burst your bubble. Love is something is so many is...just...its undescribable. I would know...I'm in it...and I fucking hate it.

Anyways don't do the letter. DO NOT. Why you might ask? BECAUSE IT IS ALMOST CHILDISH!!! Here's what you should try to do. Say you walk by her near someplace and she's talking to a try to be occupied in whatever you're doing...then burst in on the convo and there u go...a frienship going.

What your doing will result in three reactions from her.
a) ok...
b) Stalker...
c) Dude who is this freak...or...dude I'm getting a restraining order,

Love isn't based off of's based off of the person you see on the inside. When you're in love you not only see the beauty of her soul...but the beauty of her personality. NEVER EVER EVER BASE LOVE OFF OF SIGHT!! It rarely ever happens

Our Love will Never Die...
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