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Default Re: Russia Claims North Pole by Planting Flag on Seabed

Actually I read in The Alberta Oil magazine that russias oil reserves could be fully depleted within the next 30yrs which would explain why they want it
So you're basically telling me that they've explored all of Siberia, determined where the oil is and how there is there and somehow came up to thirty years. Why not just import it like almost every other industrialized nation on Earth or develop alternative energy sources?

meanwhile russia and denmark belive that a good chunk of Canadas northern islands and waters dont rightfully belong to Canada
I think they do. Canada remains in North America and Russia should remain in Eurasia.

countless countries send nuclear subs under the ice without telling us
That's making the assumption that the waters around the North Pole belong to Russia. It's not like countries are invading Russian terrotorial waters with their subs.

Because trying politically just dosent seem to be working
Did JFK bomb Cuba when he suspected Russia of installing missile sites there?

Russians are ass-holes, burn them all!
I disagree.

and now America one of there biggest enemies wants to install anti-balistic missile silos right on there door step
I normally take actions by the US with a grain of salt, but in this case I have to agree with the legitimacy of the US effort. Although they didn't go about it particularly wisely, the Cold War is over and deploying nukes to hit Russia is completely pointless when you have countires like Iran and North Korea trying to join the nulcear club.

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