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Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
How do you know this? Or, are you confusing wishful thinking for reality? Remember, it's called 'Acid' for a reason.

Are you seriously comparing the use of LSD with skydiving?! Although i personally think jumping from an airplane is a bit nuts, it is a PHYSICALLY recreational activity, by which i mean the thrill is the physical sensation of being pulled thru the air by gravity at great speed (again, I think this is nuts).
Either your chute opens and you're ok, with absolutely no side effects or bodily changes, or you hit the earth and make a mess, in which case there's no repeat performance.
With LSD, the 'entertainment' is entirely chemically induced. The experience is caused by a chemical change in the brain. Those chemicals interact with the brain, and cause the sensations. Because they're internal, because the 'thrill' is entirely man made and happening artificially in your brain, there's also the unintended consequence of mucking the natural order of things up there,too. Remember, it's acid. You're putting acid into your brain. And the effects of doing this accumulate, you might not be aware of the subtle changes until many acid trips. It's like smoking. Most don't recognize the changes to their lungs for many years. Until they get cancer.

You're justifying your decision to continue LSD use, you're denying the reality of what the long term effects of LSD use are. Like smokers.
k first buddy, dont tell me what you think im doing to "justify" myself, because you really have no clue what im thinking. secondly you really dont understand at all what im saying. doing LSD or any other psychedelic drug is an experiance of a lifetime like skydiving, not to say that its actually LIKE skydiving but i think you know what i mean. And another thing, you do realize that LSD isent actually acid right? I mean its a type of acid but not the stuff that burns through stuff. I agree that using LSD repetitivly is a bad idea. Thats why i called it an experiance, not something that you experience very often. No offence but its kind of useless arguing about this with anyone who has not experianced at least some form of psychedelic trip, you realize things about yourself that you never noticed before. You think of ways to improve your life with things that ring true even when you become sober. Your state of mind becomes very relaxed (if its a good trip) and it gives you a chance to really just think. I am in no way encouraging people to use drugs like this, just to be informed on the facts, and the facts are that there are alot worse things out there.
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