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Default Re: Russia Claims North Pole by Planting Flag on Seabed

Alex I understand your a lil nervous about the recent events with russia pulling out of the conventional weapons pact thingy
but if you look at it from there side
none of the NATO countries surrounding them ever ratified it

and now America one of there biggest enemies wants to install anti-balistic missile silos right on there door step
i mean honestly how do you think america would react if it was the other way around and Russia was installing them in Cuba....ya that'd go over well

I'm concerned about China
but as of yet they've done nothing wrong

Originally Posted by View Post
Russians are ass-holes, burn them all!
Thats not a good mentality to have
i hope your kidding..

There just diffrent
nobody ever enters a war thinking there the bad evil ones
just like neither side enters with the intention of losing

theres no black and white
its not that simple

and now were WAAAAAY off topic


I'm concerned about the north and have been watching closley for over a yr now
thats one of the main reasons i voted for the conservative party
I'm Canadian and this will directly effect my country and its people


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