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Default Re: Poem called 'Small Chav' tell me if it good or not

i think i will reply to this one as well
Ok with the grammar, i know i'm not good at grammar thats a good point... but i am dyslexics but i have reading capabilities above my age but not spelling. But im sure the stuff i write down is easy to read anyway even without the grammar ... i'm sure people can just look around stuff like that its not a hard thing to do.
No spell check was used in this poem because the badly spelt lanuage became part of it as if I spoke like a chav with all the avivations.

This poem has emottions in it hatred and revenge if you read it those emotions are hinted at... at the point of writing this poem i was angry at 'chavs' so i covayed it in the poem in a ovious way.

The one in my sig is emo crap and convays nothing important in its message it is not art.

Thank you for your reply i'm sorry if i came off annoyed in this comment i'm not, i'm just trying to improve my work.

I also refuse to edit this comment because i am dyslexics and i had tried to do better at spelling and i have improved greatly and so people can put up with my spelling ...and also i can't be stuffed at the moment i'm sure everyone can read it even with a few spelling mistakes.

I wanna be there when you call
I wanna catch you when you fall
I wanna be the one you need
I wanna be the one you breathe
Today’s the day we’ll fade away
orochimaru hehehe
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