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Default Re: Constant Erections

Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post
I haven't really read about this anywhere, but is having constant erections part of puberty? I'm guessing that it most likely is. I just want to verify it. I constantly get erections for no reason... I'll get them during classes, during driver's ed., etc... even if I'm not thinking about anything sexual, which causes me to have to wear jeans all the time because I don't want anyone to see my erection in public, ya know? I also usually wake up every morning with an erection (without dreaming of anything sexual), which is quite uncomfortable if you sleep on your stomach.
Its very normal
and it has nothing to do with you being horny
bascially its your penis exceriszing it fills with blood then muscles in your abdomen clamp down on it and prevent the majority of the blood from leaving morning wood and random boners are the result
when I was younger i had them CONSTANTLY
As you get older the random boners will become less frequent
as for morning wood...i'm almost 20 and i have one dam near every morning
I slep on my stomach personally its never bothered me but everyones diffrent
As far as pissing while hard you can (least I can) but i dont recemend it
it takes allot of concentration and it stings really bad
as far as hiding them
EVERY teen male has the same problem
I suggest baggy cloths
when you get a boner site down or just shove your hands in your pockets so it looks a lil less obivous

I usually go commando because then I dont deal with the fabric rubbing against it constantly and that dramatically reduced mine

but ya
ur fine
and very normal

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