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Default Opening Up

I don't care what most people think of me, but there are some people who I really respect and i think the world of. I don't think they know about my OCD - if they do they haven't said anything. I'm not sure whether to tell them or not.
Has anyone had any negative experience in opening up and confessing to their OCD? Or any experience for that matter.
I don't drink alcohol because the following days my obsessions get really bad, it's sickening. People always ask me why I don't drink and i always say it's because I don't like the 'after effects'. Which isn't really lying. But it's kinda decieving them into thinking that I don't like hangovers (who does?!).
With the people I mentioned above, i can't lie to them, I could but that gets me feeling really uncomfortable, which leads to stress which in turn leads to more obsessions, so I never do. But if one of them asks why i don't drink for instance should I just come out and say it? Or keep telling them it's about the 'after effects'?


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