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Default Zach, you're not gonna follw me around and challenge me ,

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Ok man, I think that's just being a bit sassy. Foreskin gliding is different from your eyeball - the penis head is much more sensitive to the touch than your eyeball, and your eyeball should have nothing to do with erections.

I have not learned anything from my parents about this and I have not been "led" by anyone on my beliefs about circumcision.

There are many people who can be unsatisfied with getting circumcised. If you want me to find these threads for you, PM me =]

Half of that's true and half of it isn't - the part that's true is the fact that you don't feel much of the foreskin during sex. The part that I strongly disagree with is the first sentence - the foreskin does change masturbation, or at least from what I've read it does, and when I pull my forskin back and masturbate, the sensation's MUCH different.
are you? Can't we just agree that our perspective is different and leave it at that?

I think you're taking all this too personally, it's not about you, and it's not about foreskin. You'll notice I haven't bashed anyone or any particular viewpoint, and i'm not being 'sassy'. However, I think it should be ok for me to share my experience, I've stated very clearly that they are mine alone.

Let's leave it at that, ok? It's not personal.
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