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Ever since I started going through puberty I have dramatically gained weight, but I have also gotten taller. I used to weigh about 120 pounds when I was in 5th grade, then I went up to 130 when I was in 6th, then I went to 140 in 7th then I went up to about 160 in 8th and then in 9th grade I shot up to about 170-175. I am 5'8" right now and I weigh about 175 pounds without any heavy clothing on or food in my stomach. I know that I am overweight, and maybe even almost obese, I'm not sure. I've stayed around 175 for quite a while, and have not gained weight, normally I would be gaining weight right now according to my recent pattern, have I reached my "maximum" weight? I eat healthy. I eat cereal almost every morning, and I eat at least one salad every day. I've recently started working out and lifting weights, and jogging. Even though I am overweight, and maybe almost obese, I look at myself in the mirror, and I honestly don't think I look very fat. I have a bit of a "tummy" if you know what I mean, and a few stretch marks (everyone has a few), but I really don't think I look like I'm overweight... So again, is there some kind of maximum weight a person can reach? (Of course you can get extremely fat by eating McDonalds every day or something) But is there a maximum weight one can reach on a regular, healthy diet?

(I don't really know where this is going... I think I kind of went off into a rant)

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