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Default Sleeping/Waking Up Problems

I really don't know where to put this... and it's not that serious of a problem.
But, here it is.
I have a table right next to my bed with an alarm clock on it. When I sleep I turn off my alarm subconsciously, or without knowing it. I also have a little remote on my side table that has a button to set off my house alarm. One night I managed to push that button and my alarm went off and the police came to my house asking what happened and none of my family knew. I know that I pressed it because there's a cover you have to take off of the remote in order to press the button, and that cover was off when I woke up. I've also turned on my TV and etc when I put the remote on the table. My house phone and cell phone are also on that table, so one time I left the phone off the hook for hours, and I turned off my cell phone, all without knowing it. So it seems like whenever there's something with buttons next to me I press them when I'm asleep. I've tried moving the most essential items away from me, like my alarm clock. I put it on the other side of the room, but I still manage to turn it off, by getting up and walking to it, I suppose.
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