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Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post

I know you can't go blind from masturbating too much or whatever, but are there any other risks for masturbating too much? Like carpal tunnel or something? I heard that one of my friend's dad had to get carpal tunnel surgery or something because he masturbated too much...

And also, is it really unhealthy to NOT masturbate? I heard its good to do it if you don't have wet dreams anymore because you will release your sperm or semen or whatever. So what would happen if you went like a month without masturbating?
Those are good questions!

1) There are risks, such as ejaculating small amounts of blood (if you masturbate 10+ times a day [maybe less times if you don't produce that much semen yet], you might run out of semen and blood will come out for a short time). It's unlikely that you'll get carpal tunnel from masturbating unless you masturbate a certain way.
You could also cause trauma to your balls (if you jack off roughly). It might ache for a few hours to a few days, but it's unlikely that you'll perminately damage anything.

2) It's not unhealthy at all. For a month, your balls might swell a bit, but that'll get released in a wet dream. If you get an erection and you don't jack off, your balls might ache a bit (called blue balls), but other than that, no it's perfectly healthy to either masturbate or not masturbate.
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