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Default Re: Natural Penis Enlargement With Exercises

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
The penis is somewhat fragile. I've read that jelqing can damage the penis and cause it to swell, since those are exercises, and the penis isn't meant to be exercised in any way since it's not a muscle.

Masturbation isn't an exercise. Plus, you masturbate when you're hard, and it's less likely to damage it when hard. When your penis is hard, blood fills in two large pieces of tissue, and they harden, obviously making it much more durable.

However, when it's soft, those tissues and other soft tissues are easy to damage. Some jelqing exercises are rough and you shouldn't be doing that to your guy. Plus, it hasn't been medically proven that it effectively enlarges anything - and usually, enlargement such as 1/4 of an inch is swelling.

Man, just wait it out! You're in puberty, and you could grow and entire inch in a year (or then again, you could skip a year and then grow an inch). Puberty takes patience. And that's the cold, hard truth
Very true... thanks. I only tried jelqing once but I stopped because it did swell and it looked like I had a mini-erection all day long... and I had gym glass that day... which sucked lol
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