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Default Re: Concerned about your sexuality? Post here!

If you're confused I'd say wait before labeling yourself. There's no rush. You don't need to label yourself right away because you might label yourself prematurely and you don't want to go back and fourth. Just for now, keep an open mind and when you become more sure of yours sexuality then label yourself.

As long as you're with your girlfriend I say you should stay faithful to her and don't go off and do things with your friend. It may just be hormones making you feel that way or you could be gay/bi. Time will tell.

Just do what feels right. If it's not working out with your girlfriend then end it. But don't go around and do both, it's not right in my opinion.

You may be gay, bi, straight, or it could be hormones, Worry until you're older before labeling yourself.
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