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hi... i'm new here 2 starts so im not exactly sure what i'm doing but i'm posting here for a reason so i'll just say..

ok... recently i think i have realized that i " like " my best mate, i should start by saying that he is not str8 he says he is either gay or bi and he knows that, anyway i keep thinking bout him alot and phantisise(spellin sucks soz) bout doin "stuff" with him yet, i have told him i'm not sure what i am and am rather confuzzed, he does not know that i " like " him in that way, however my big dilema is i hav a gf who i have been out with twice, the first time i generally loved her however now i am not so sure, and i think she knows i mite be confusses or she may generally think i am gay..
i am not really sure what i am, i could just be curious with these fantasies however i am not sure i think i may be gay/bi...
are there any suggestions to help me with this cus i am generally stuck.
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