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Default Re: Testicular Cramps (Or something?)

Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Earlier this month I had really bad pain for about three days. It felt like your balls feel after someone kicks them. OW. Anyway, it would always happen when I sat down, and the pain would go away pretty quickly when I stood up. After those three days, however, the pain went away completely. Does anyone know what this could be?

Oh, by the way, I was at Darien Lake, and all those rollercoasters definitely DID NOT HELP! (my poor balls... )
Since it went away, I don't think you should worry. As long as the pain doesn't come back all of the sudden, you should be ok and your guess is as good as mine about what it is.
You should create your own thread if you want to ask a question and not hijack someone else's thread.

jjmcray - if it continues to hurt, especially when you're not doing anything that would hurt them, ask your doctor about it.
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