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Default Re: pleez answer me back someone

Originally Posted by Blaze98 View Post
Yes. It's clear "precum" that comes out in the early stages of puberty. It's because there isn't enough sperm for the cum to be white.
I disagree. If he had an orgasm and it came out, it's not precum - it's clear cum. Precum is not what you define it to be - it's just a clear liquid that comes out when you're horny and not at orgasm. I wrote this in the FAQ so hopefully no one would get this wrong.

Originally Posted by tdizzle91302 View Post
Also the stuff that i said is coming out now.. is that cum?
Puberty'll take it's course for you man, you're just a late bloomer and you'll be fine. And yea, that is cum, it just hasn't turned white yet
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