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Default Please Answer me Back Someone

Well listen im am 15 years old and about 5 foot 3 or 4. I have some questions on puberty and me. I have some but not much pubic hair and very little arm pit hair.. not much acne has grown and my voice hasnt cracked. I havnt had a "wet dream" and dont think i can ejaculate yet. Well see i masturbate prolly like 3 times a day on some occasions. Recently i noticed something come out.. it wuz gooey and sort of clear but it wuznt much.. It did it the next time i masturbated to but the next time it wuz very little and it wuz not soo gooey.. I want to know what is going on and if i am close to puberty and cum and stuff. all my friends pretty much are almost done with puberty. Including one of my friends who is younger and used to be smaller than me. until i noticed his voice deepin and when we were swimming i saw arm pit hair. he is now bigger than me.. when will that happen for me..

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