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Default Shaving Pubic Hairs

I have very thick pubic hairs and they are irritating, especially when I masturbate and it hurts because I pull out hairs and stuff.
I've tried shaving a couple of times. (With those electric shavers that you use for your face, but have those side-burn shavers on the back that you can flip up)
But, it got really itchy because when the hairs grew back to about 2 or 3 millimeters they would poke my skin and it would get very irritating, especially with those itchy red bumps. It also is a real hassle to shave the hairs around my testicles because that skin is really sensitive and I have cut it and nicked it numerous times with an electric shaver, and it's painful.

So are there any shavers out there that I can buy at Walgreens or CVS or something... I'm aware that "personal shavers" exist, but are there any that I can get that are for shaving your face and your pubic hairs without leaving bumps and don't nick the skin around your testicles... I would like to just tell my parents it was for shaving my face... because to me it's personal business and I don't really want them to know about it.
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