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Default Time To Start Dating

I guess when guys and girls hit puberty, that's when they start dating, and having actual "boyfriends" and "girlfriends".

I'm 15 and going to 10th grade.

I'll go ahead and confess, I've never had a real girlfriend. Sure, I've had friends that are girls and we hang out and talk, etc.

I'm not gay, and I know that for sure.
I have no problems with talking to girls... I used to be embarrassed and shy, but I'm not really like that anymore. I just have trouble asking them out. Whether it be asking them to go out on a date, or actually "go out" with me. To be honest, I've never really tried, because of being in fear of rejection or being made fun of, since I've never done it before and I don't know how. I'm also a little overweight... that's the main reason I have for fearing of rejection... I've been working out lately since I'm on summer break, so hopefully that will help out a bit. But I'd like to find a girl who cares more about personality, rather than looks...

I really want to go out with a girl, one, because I've never really had one before and I'd just like to have a girl friend, and two, most of my friends have or have had girlfriends, and I feel jealous, and embarrassed, especially when they ask me if I've ever had a girlfriend. (I usually just try to change the subject or something) Also, I kind of feel like my parents are pressuring me about it. They haven't ACTUALLY confronted me about the matter, but I'm sure they're wondering why I haven't had a girlfriend yet. You're probably going to tell me that they shouldn't do that, but I have no problem with it... I'd like to have a girlfriend just as much as they want me to have one.

So, is there any advice you could give me on asking out a girl for the first time... and then what I should do AFTER I get a girlfriend... I guess everyone starts somewhere... Everyone's had their first dates and know what to do and what not to do... So I feel like I'm starting out late, and most girls will probably think that I should know what to do or what not to do by now...

By the way, I'm going to a new school next year, so I think I'll have to wait until school starts in a few weeks, I'd prefer to go out with someone who goes to the same school as me. There's no particular girl I am interested in right now... Sure, there are some single hotties at my old school and stuff, but I know that I would have no chance with them anyways, and most of them are so preppy, and I don't really like that, but like I said before, I think it would be better to go to the same school.


(It would also be really nice to get advice from a girl!)

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