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Anyway, I should add some stuff about my dad. He is so...stupid, should I say, that he even won't let me laugh when I am around him, because he says only crazy people laugh. He also won't let me watch what I want on the TV because he says that 'it is stupid and uneducational'. He tells me that if I watch 'stupid' TV shows, then I will become stupid and I will not be successful in life. And another thing. There was this family from the Philippenes who I really like, and just because my dad doesn't like them, he stopped me from seeing them! I don't know why, but my dad has already taken one of the people in the Philippene family to court numerous times already. In the Philippene family, there was this very nice 80-year-old lady. But she died, SHE DIED, but my dad doesn't give a shit. He still takes the guy from the family to court just a day or two after that! My dad doesn't care about anyone but himself! It just makes me really mad. My dad says that the Philippene family are full of bad people, but in fact, they are the nicest people I have ever known! My dad is the bad one. I know he is.

So this is why I don't like living with either of my parents! Both of them just don't seem to care about their kids, and only about their own stuff (!). Sometimes I just really want to run away (like right now), and go live with someone else. There is only one person I want to be with right now. I'm sure you all know who.

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