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Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
As opposed to a good drug to take if you suffer from a mental illness? .....or at all?
well yes if you suffer from a mental illness there are drugs that you can take to reduce the problem, im not a doctor so im not sure which perscription drugs should be used for whichever mental illness, but it is very common to be given medication. And for using it at all, i believe that it is a personal choice. If you feel like your in the right state of mind for an acid trip and youve done your research and kind of know what to expect then its totally up to you and not really for any of us to say you should or shouldnt. Its an experience, like skydiving etc. Drugs like this kind of force you to confront your problems, instead of avoiding them, i guess you could say alot of what phychedelics do is kind of make you reflect on how you live life. Many people can do that without drugs but some people cannot, and i believe it should be a personal choice.
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