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Default Your penis will fall off and your testicles will shrivel to the size of raisins

it'll make you gay.
Sometimes I think the only answers that will matter, that people will actually listen to are these! But now that I've gotten your attention, booze is a drug, you can become physically and psychologically addicted to it, it can ruin your liver (which you need to live), and it kills brain cells (which i'd like to think you need, too). It impairs judgement, it effects social relationships, and it can cause impotence (this isn't a joke, try a little experiment).

You can attempt to justify your drinking behavior, but when you';re all alone and maybe when you're all hung over, ask yourself exactly why you do it. If it's any reason other than to wash down that Chicken Cordon Bleu then I think you might be heading towards a bigger problem than you think.
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