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Default Cupid lost his job

i remember those days,
where we sat by the fire,
i remember the candy,
the wrappers, the chocolate, the toys,
these days were clean,
only a cloud in a polluted sky

i remember those nights,
where we walked hand in hand,
those nights of sandy beaches,
and cigarette stubs kept company,
with empty bottles and palmtrees
these days are the fog, lightened by my headlamps

i tried to give you my arrow,
that one, the one cupid shot
but you left it broken, discarded,
and then, well lets say cupid lost his job
we were this years most open heartbreak
with a fire burning inside

you shouldn't of thrown me,
a fire inside grew for you,
i only left the bruises and the scratches
after i was through with you
i left you with the torment and the pain
knowing you were forced to give your body

you see me every day,
on every face of every corner,
you remember those days,
with cigarettes and broken hearts
wishing that they wernt the truth,
you couldn't cope with the torment of your lost soul

now i remember those days
were you begged me not to do
but i knew what i had to do
because i was so in love with you
you now lay swinging, with a kicked out chair
you finished my torment that i put you through

- you can make of this what you will..the truth is is that this si the first time i have written in months...sorry..just not like usual...dissapointed


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18. Come back when you stop failing.

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