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Default Re: Poem called 'Small Chav' tell me if it good or not

Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.? View Post
yay!!! feedback thank you for your comment
the poem isn't that good i know but its art everyone has their own opinions on art
the point of the poem if that i'm using a sterotypical chav words like 'hoe' and 'crib' and of course 'init'
I realize that you said spell check wasn't needed for the poem, but your posts are making me think that that was just an excuse for not excercising a bit of grammar Lol just sayin, it'd make life easier for us [readers] if we didn't have to work so hard to figure out the message you're trying to get 2 cents

And as far as the actual poem goes, I'm sorry but I have to agree with Ant. Yes, everyone has their own opinion of art, but I'm pretty positive that every definition of art includes things like 'depth' and 'emotion.' Art is something that should make people feel and think, not just lines of words that have a few rhymes thrown in. Your poem tells me nothing except that you shot some guy and you think it's funny. It was in no way intellectually or emotionally stimulating, except to anger me a bit at the lack of critical elements stated above.

On another note, I do like the poem you have in your sig. That one does fulfill what I believe are the requirements of a poem, though it is rather cliche.

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