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Oh, and to add another IMPORTANT thing,

When I was little, my dad used to beat my mom, and her jaw has been severly injured, and it still is that way. The scary thing is, my dad is 70, and my mom is 36, so I was born when my mom was 22, and my dad was 56. So my mom left my dad when I was 5, but I still go to my dad's place for visits. That is where I am right now. He isn't really like this anymore, though he still seems pretty selfish and mean sometimes. So maybe THAT is what has finally gotten to me.

Besides that, however, I've been having a lot of stress lately.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Well what I recommend is to try and get things under control that are stressing you out and try to relax more - easier said than done I know. But from experience I know when I can either eliminate or control what's stressing me out, I usually end up a happier person.
I guess the thing is, I can't control my anger sometimes, and I can't deal with my stress. But I'll try to be able to do it, though. Maybe I'm like this because I just feel unloved by everyone.

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