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Default Angry!

Well, I've never told anyone here this before, and I think I should say it now:

There is this problem with me, and I get too angry too easily. Sometimes when people do the littlest things, I just get really angry. For example, when people keep continuosly blabbing on about something to me, I yell and start swearing at them. And sometimes when people tell me to do something, and I don't want to, then I sometimes sort of start raising my voice. But if they still continue, then I just yell. I've never used physical abuse before, but I yell. Is there something wrong with me? Wait, actually, I know there is. What should I do? This might be the reason nobody likes me. I really wanna be a good and nice person, but personally, I don't really think I am.

So this might be why I have all these social problems. But what could be causing it?
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