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About what MoveAlong said,

I didn't include this, but I feel like I have no friends right now, and my relationship with my parents aren't too good, I'm saying that about my parents because, well, my mom has a boyfriend, and I feel she cares more about him than about me, and when she sends me to visits my dad, I feel she only does it so SHE can get money. About my dad, I feel he only cares about himself.

So I guess because of problems with having no friends and with family, this is probably why I really am taking this love thing with my sweet girl so very seriously.

And I know I am really young, but I feel really lonely, and I take love seriously. I really want her and I to love eachother very much, I wanna kiss her, I wanna be there for her whenever she needs me, I wanna help her with anything, I wanna make her feel better when she is upset. I promise I will never hurt her. I promise I will treat her with all the caring and all the love I have in me. I just really want her to give me a chance, though. I love her very much, and I can't help it.


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