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Thanks for making a thread. The shoutbox is for everybody and frankly not many people want to hear all about one person, they just wanna shout and talk with each other and make jokes. No offense

Man all I got to tell you is don't assume that it's love. Sure, the whole thing may play out fine. But love is more than looks. I liked this one guy because he was so freakin cute and so freakin nice, although I knew it wasn't gonna work out because 1) I'm gay 2) he doesn't know it and 3) it's just a teen crush - I know that because I barely know the guy

Don't get crushed if you really don't like her or she doesn't want to do anything. You'll know more about the person by talking to them than watching them do anything.
I know how it feels to see a beautiful person and go just about ga-ga over them. But it's something all teens have to live with

You're like, what, 14? Love is the least of your worries. You should worry about sports, working out, your friends, your grades and the fun things your family does together. Don't sell your life to this - because it's 50/50 on whether it's gonna work out or not.

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