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Default Re: Final Flight: A Tale of Courage and Sacrifice

Well here's the conclusion. Enjoy.... if anyone's been reading...

“Let’s land this baby. I managed to get out from under that wing. Blocked by intercom, it did. Everybody else bail out?” Mills asked in bewilderment. He had been cut off from the others, stuck in the tail of the aircraft. He had no knowledge of Wilson’s plan.
“Yes. They bailed out. Now you will too. I’m staying. I will not allow my ship to crash into Buckingham Palace,” Wilson said quietly.
“But you’ll need my help to land her. The controls-“Mills blurted.
“The controls are all but gone,” Wilson said as the very cables controlling the craft’s list dangled by his head. “Don’t you see? I’m not going to land her. I’m going to crash her. As far from the Palace as I can. Go Robert. You have your whole life ahead of you!” Wilson pleaded. Mills swallowed and shook his head stubbornly.
“I can’t abandon you like this!” Mills cried.
“Yes you can. It’ll be easy. I’ll help you, even,” replied Wilson. Confusion entered Robby’s mind as Wilson grabbed his parachute lever and kicked him in the chest, sending him out; falling away from the Rebecca with his parachute safely deployed. Wilson quickly returned to the cockpit; steeling himself for the eternity awaiting him.
Mills observed the final moments of the Rebecca’s final flight in frustration and overwhelming grief. The once beautiful aircraft took on the appearance of a dying whale as the gap between itself and the Buckingham Palace courtyard closed in seconds.
“God help those people. Danny!” Robert shouted as the Rebecca reached the roof of the Palace. The stress and previous damage must have been too great for such a steep dive. Engine four, destroyed by the German’s gunfire, tore free from the Rebecca’s wing and exploded harmlessly in mid-air, turning the Rebecca completely over with the force. Upside-down, the Rebecca narrowly missed the Union Jack flagpole in the center of the Palace roof , showering shrapnel and debris along her final flight path.
“Goodbye, Danny boy,” whispered Robert Mills. Still floating to earth, he saluted the growing tower of deathly-black smoke rising form the Palace courtyard, a funeral pyre fit for a king. Mills looked into the early morning sunrise where the rest of the Rebecca’s surviving crew also respectfully saluted the best Captain they ever had, albeit for only one mission. Captain Daniel “Danny Boy” Wilson had just graduated from the Royal Flight Academy one week earlier. He was only twenty-one years old…

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