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Well, I'm sure a lot of you are pissed that I am making a thread for this because I've already talked about it in the shoutbox too much, but the reason I turned it into a thread is because some people told me to.

So, there is this girl I am in love with even though I haven't ever talked to her before, she is just so beautiful that I just can't help loving her. I guess it is called Love At First Sight. Anyway, I have made a letter for her that I am planning to give someone I know to give it to her, and that is because I am too scared to talk to her myself, and hopefully the letter won't go too badly. I won't put the letter here because it is too long, but I would like some info or advice from anyone who wants to reply to this thread about what I should do. I'm planning to get someone to give her the letter, and in the letter it does include me telling her that if she wants to spend time with me, or if she wants to reply to my letter, she could give the reply to the person who gave her my letter. So if she does reply, then I will know she liked the letter and/or she would like to spend time with me, and if I don't hear from her ever again after that, then, well, what could I do?

So I signed the letter as anonymous, but it does have quite a lot of information about me in it, such as my age (grade), which school I now go to (I'm going to a different school this coming year, but luckily, her's is only a block away), and other kinds of stuff about me so she could sort of get to know me through the letter. Also, in the letter I tell her how beautiful she is, and that I really would like to spend time with her and be her friend if it's ok with her. Also in the letter, I tell her why I switched schools (because of the kids), but I don't think it was a good idea for me to add that. So should I take that out?

So the reason I signed it as anonymous was because if the letter goes badly, then I wouldn't want her to know my name because then I know that I would never have a chance with her, then.

What should I do, and is what I'm planning on doing a good idea? So any advice and help would be appreciated.

And I'll also add that people have told me to forget about it and move on, but I really don't think I can.


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