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Originally Posted by Pip
Originally Posted by Shaolin
When i go out to get 'wasted' i drink cheap vodka usually.
I hear that the better quality (and usually more expensive) alcohol has fewer impurities and fewer aftereffects, so that's what I try for.
Yeah i heard that as well. There was also studies carried out showing that the darker the drink, (i.e. colour) the worse the hangover. Due to all the impurites additives and colourings that are found in them.

Originally Posted by Tim
I used to go out every friday night just to get wasted on vodka. Me and a few friends bought the cheap vodka stuff and had it with some coke. Then a while back half a year maby, We decided to stay out all night, each say we were staying at a different persons house. We bought vodka and weed, then at about midnight we were walking through the park and a police car went past the edge, slowed down........... turned around and came straight back for us. We thought straight away Run!!! So we did (stupidely) We chucked all the stuff cos we werent getting caught with that!!!! Then they found us despite our hiding. They took us home ...
OMG! Tim that must have been awful . We had quite a few run-ins with the police but where i live there is one of the highest % of youths in the population or something and of course not enough policemen/women so they normally have alot of other things to worry about .
Some of my friends are 18 now so we normally go to bars/clubs. Im 17 but dont have a problem getting in cos im quite tall hehe!.
However, i made a post in Lloyds diary about what happened on just a normal night (heres the link: ).
You just gotta be careful.

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