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Default Puberty Stage

I am 15 as of July 2,2007. And had a quick question, My testes have not really dropped at all , they are still sort of up there, also the size of them is not that great at all, my left one is about the size of one of those small chocolate eggs that come in those bags and such, my left one hangs lower tha my right, and my right one is a little bigger than a penny in circumference( so try imagining a penny as a sphere) My family is sort of known for late bloomining, but I figured my testes shouldve dropped lower by now, Im not TOO concerned about the size of my penis itself, At the moment it stands about 6.1 measuring from the size (bottom of shaft to tip) I do have pubic hair to the adult age, but I do shave it off, I have under arm hair (dark but not that thick) I have peach fuzz on my face(Above upper lip and chin) My voice has cracked, and I stand at 5'7, 145lbs,

I would appreciate it if people would leave there comments and opinons, thanks.
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