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Default Re: Final Flight: A Tale of Courage and Sacrifice

Here comes Part 2! Remember, comments are greatly appreciated! And again I apologize for the crappy structure, I fiddled with it for a long time and can't get it any better than this, sorry .

“The airfield is fine! What’s this all about?” Daniel demanded. There was no visible damage, or sign of attack for that matter. Johnny wiped sweat from his brow nervously. He hunched over his equipment, translating his recorded message once more. Powell muscled past him and stood over Captain Wilson, listening intently.
“If the airfield hasn’t come under attack, then where did those explosions come from?” he pondered. The radioman looked up at him and shrugged meekly.
“I’m sorry. The excitement is a little too much for me, I guess. The message actually reported the location of a lone enemy fighter, which would be-“he gasped and looked over his shoulder.
“Behind us! He’s behind us, 7 o’clock high!” shouted Mills from the tail of the aircraft. Staccato bursts of gunfire resonated throughout the Rebecca, as Nick Powell hurriedly clambered into his machinegun station and added his fire to Mill’s defense.
The German fighter was known as a “bomber-killer” for a reason. It had firepower that nearly matched that of the Rebecca, but in a much smaller and nimble platform. It proceeded to prove this fact; peppering the Rebecca with molten lead from its four massive cannons.
“Engine four is out! Shut it down before she catches fire!” called Powell as he observed the engine, now riddled with bullets. The engine shuddered, threatening to break free from its frame; and still the fighter advanced. Nick threw up his hands and crawled back onto the main deck. “I haven’t got a shot at him, he dipped below us. Mills is the only one with a clear shot!” he growled.
Mills waited. At any moment, the fighter would regain altitude, and be directly in his sights. Ever so slowly he could hear the distinctive whine of the fighter’s engine draw closer. Closer. Then it appeared off of the starboard side. Mills carefully took aim. He marveled at the detailed camouflage covering the fighter, which he could clearly see at twenty meters. Then he fired all of his ammunition into the fighter’s engine.
Smoke, then flame streamed from the craft’s radiator as it struggled to gain altitude. The fighter was a mere ten feet from the Rebecca now. Realization hit Robert Mills like a hammer.
“He’s going to ram us! HOLD O-“Mills screamed as the fighter hit. Metal screeched as the fighter connected at the Rebecca’s midsection, its wing firmly wedged into her fuselage. The stresses on both craft proved too great. The fighter’s wing tore free from its frame, and remained wedged in the main structure as the now-wingless fighter spun crazily towards the earth.
“He bailed out! Yes. I see him there, below the clouds,” Wilson exclaimed. The Rebecca was listing horribly to one side, losing altitude steadily as it flew over Buckingham Palace. The fighter’s wing had destroyed most of the Rebecca’s controls, and she would soon crash.
“I think we should be going Captain. You won’t be able to land this thing; it’s almost over on its side now!” sighed Powell. The Captain nodded, and the rest of the crew jumped out of the Rebecca’s bomb bay doors, which Powell had opened promptly. Wilson had believed he was the only crew member that remained...

TO BE CONCLUDED I hope you all enjoy!
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