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Default Hiding my Body - Is it Normal?

i'm 15 and am a late developer, my boobs are only a 30/32 aa/a size, but im really embaressed about showing my body at all. like if i go swimming and i have to get changed with other people im so shy and try to change under my towel or whatever and my mum is just like ' hurry up, just put your clothes on, no one cares what you look like' etc. but im still so shy. also my cousin ( she's 8) is always trying to look at my boobs and shes like ' why do you never show them' etc and i wont take a bath with her or even with anyone younger than her because im embaressed and i know its really stupid but i dont know why im so embaressed. is this normal? is anyone else that embaressed about not having a body of a 9 year old any more? thanks x
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