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Default Re: Grow Penis Grow!!!

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Hey man you know you're only have like 6 years to grow and could grow an inch in a year, then an inch another year and skip one year then grow another inch! It's gonna take time but you have to let it grow.

You're ONLY 14! Why would you use penis enlargement when it's already gonna get bigger because of puberty? You just sound like a later-than-average bloomer is all. Besides, those penis enlargement pills are hard to get and usually don't work on people (seriously)

You just gotta wait it out. Occupy yourself with something else, like school activities or something. You shouldn't worry about your body 24/7

also, your balls don't drop at puberty. If your balls seem close to your body or your sac seems "hard", that's just because of the temperature
i agree with this 100%

I'm ENGLISH and as stuborn as they come GET USED 2 IT

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