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Default Re: i hit multiple orgasms and im a male!

Originally Posted by biscuit90 View Post
if you stop as your about to cum everytime.. you can carry on all day! but its not as good...

its on jackinworld as well i think.. dont qoute me on that tho!
Yup, it's called the Stop and Go technique, and it's by far the most popular technique on the site!

Originally Posted by 98989 View Post
well heres the story.I was doing the you know what and i wanted to see if i could stop from cumming but it was to late and it didnt shoot it just dripped because i stopped and it was to late i countinued to jack and after about 10 mins i cummed again but it was only about 10% as strong as the first 1 but anyway i did it!
That's not a multiple orgasm. A multiple orgasm is when you cum, and then cum again (like seriously, 1 or 2 seconds after your first cum)
That's a multiple orgasm - you were like, double jacking. Just jacking to orgasm, and then jacking again (which is hard to do, but great when you're horny )
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