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Originally Posted by Crazysam
However a recent article in the daily mail said that scientist had found a strong link between the consumption of tomato soup and the health of male sperm... the article went on to say that during tests where subject had one tin of tomato soup everday day the health and amount of thier sperm by up to 10%.
Hmm, that might be possible, although tomatoes in general contain something called lycopene. A study was done at Harvard Medical School that suggests that lycopene improves prostate health, and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. I'm not so sure it has a direct effect on sperm, but probably the prostate which when the prostate produces the semen (which is what sperm both travels in and survives in, for nutrients), it would make the sperm a bit healthier. Although I'm not so sure about that theroy, I know that lycopene does improve prostate health.

As far as answering the question, no, tomatoes don't make your penis bigger although like I said, tomatoes do contain lycopene which improves prostate health. Your friends probably confused those.
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