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Default Re: This is My Story

Sorry it took so long to update, I just got really lazy the past couple of weeks.

So it started, my mom barely home, Enrique moving his stuff in, him staying here all day, looking after me. During the first few months, he kept to himself, staying in my mom and his room, doing whatever entertained him. I was doing school work, like usual, making sure everything's perfect. So I started to think having Enrique here wasn't really that bad. Even though I was six, i knew how to cook a few things, so I never bothered him for food. Well, I just didn't talk to him, at all. Okay, maybe like twice a day, but thats it.
But one day I was asking my mom how her job was going. I was asking quite a few questions. I was just a curious six year old wanting to know how my mom was doing. Enrique didn't think that though...
"Boy, what are you doing?" he nearly shouted, "That's grown-folk business your asking. Why are you asking so much? Are you going to go around tell everybody? Don't you ever ask an older person questions like that ever again! You got me?"
I looked at him in shock. Was what I was doing so bad? If it was, why didn't my mom say anything against me asking her?
"I'm..umm...sorry," I said, confused and worried.
"Come with me," he said to me and started walking off. I quickly followed him into their room.
As soon as I was in there, he closed and locked the door. I turned around confused. When did a lock get there? My mom never liked locks incase there was an emergency and we had to get in or out of a room.
Before I could even take another breath, he grabbed my arm, tightly. It felt as if he was trying to shatter it.
"Ow," I said, "Your hurting me."
"I dont care! Now get down!"he said and pretty much threw me onto the floor. He stood in front of my, arms crossed, and a furious look in his eyes.
"I want to know why you were asking your mom those questions. Now!"he said when I didn't answer right away.
"I-I...uhhh...was just wondering. Me and her don't talk as much anymore now that she's working more. I just wanted to talk to her more than a few seconds," I said, frightened.
"You're lying!" he yelled,"Someone made you to ask her so that you can tell that person. Yeah, that's it. Who was that person?"
"N-no one asked me to ask my mom anything. I was just curious," I replied, tears coming to my eyes.
"You're lying!" he said, then took the front of my shirt and pulled me close to his face. I started crying immediately.
But then, I guess my mom heard all the noise and was worried. She was knocking on the door and asking what was wrong.
"Everything's fine Kelli. Don't worry, we're just talking," he said to her.
He then put his mouth to my ear and whispered, "I didn't touch you, at all. Understand?"
I slowly nodded my head. He then let my out of the room and then I went to my room to think. Why didn't he want my mom to know that he grabbed my arm? Shouldn't she know? I couldn't understand why he wanted me to keep it from her. I then looked at my arm and saw a bruise starting to form. How am I supposed to hide that? Should I lie and tell her that I fell or something? Well, Enrique said not to tell her that he hurt me, so I guess I have to lie to her.


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