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Originally Posted by -Adam- View Post
OK well heres my problem... back at the start of this school year I lost a LOT of fat and now now I am pretty skinny, except where I used to have a good sized belly i now have very loose skin sitting around, I take it this was because i lost the weight faster then i was ment to according to my doctor... so is there any way to tighten it up to supplement crunchs? any help is appreciated.

Also anybody have any idea how long it will take for abs to be visible and pecs to form with 3 sets of 25 ( 75) crunchs a day and 50 push ups a day ( too weak of wrists to do many more ).
Im sorry i cant help you with the first question m8 but as for the second i do 100 sit ups and 80 press ups a day and ive been doing it for 2 weeks and ive definatley noticed improvement. How much do you whiegh and how tall are you? as this would give me a better idea of how long it would take you to get a "six-pack"
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