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Default Re: How to tell parents...

Originally Posted by NintendoFanboy View Post
Okay, I used to think I was curious. Now I know I'm completely gay. I want to be gay. But according to my family's standards, and God's standards ( I am a christian ) I have to be straight. So I keep it a secret. But it's getting harder and harder. Accepting I was gay was hard enough. Now how do I tell my parents, or even my friends? My whole family is christian, and so being gay is almost taboo. *sigh* So how would I tell them?
First of all, you don't have to be straight. According to the bible, no man is perfect, and although homosexuality _is_ a sin, so is slapping gays with your bible because they're gay.

No one is better than you because you're gay (and vice versa, but that's another topic).

Tell your parents, you can't stay in the closet forever. Just make sure it isn't at an awkward moment.

They may not take it too well for a while, but they'll grow to love it.

And if you lose friends over it, then fuck them. They're not friends after all.
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