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Question I think it's time.

I dont know, but lately i've been coming to terms with the fact that i am gay & theres no changing it. i always tend to find myself in a depressing mood because im thinking about how amazing having a boyfriend would be, etc. but for some reason it just hasn't hit me yet that i must come out and tell everyone that i'm gay.

I feel like it is time, though. i`m constantly being picked on for people assuming i am gay, but for some reason i feel as though if people actually knew i was gay, they wouldn't poke fun. [it would be like joking with someone saying.. 'your mom is fat' and then you wont want to joke about it once you really find out she is] haha, lame example, and thats on a much lower scale, but do y'all see what i mean?

& im going to be a freshman in a couple of weeks, & i heard that gay people at brookwood get instantly popular for being gay [that is NOT what i am needing right now, haha] and there is even a GLBT club at the highschool, so i think i may feel as though i am accepted there.

im just REALLY worried about what my parents will think. i know my mom has distaste for gay people, as even today we were watching a tv show and she changed the channel & i said "change it back" & she remarked "no, those men were gay." ugh. i mean, i know she would still love me, but IDK. ITS JUST SO CONFUSING. lol.

anyone have any comments to make my life easier?
thanks for reading, if you did!

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