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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
it all depends on how you think. In all honestly i love psychedelics, Mainly because they are not addictive and they give you a chance to see and notice things that you wouldnt normally. It also gives you a chance to reflect on your life and think of ways to improve it. Although im not advocating drugs i believe that when used responsibly no psychedelic drug is really that harmful to you.
Originally Posted by Cap'nCrunch View Post
And to confirm what the previous posters said, LSD is not physically addictive, and also is also NOT LIKELY to be psychologically addictive. From my experience, it is neither. However, I would also say that it is not "a bad drug to take." I disagree with that statement, but because of the forum restrictions, I can't say that it IS a good drug.
Not a bad drug to take?! Not really that harmful?!
Since when has taking a Class A drug which can adversely affect you physically and psychologically been not been a bad thing?

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