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Default Re: Why don't I feel proud...

I tell you the honest truth. When I started to stop, I hated myself. Because it was like my blade was apart of me that I was trying so hard to change. I didn't feel proud when everyone else did. I felt guilty and worthless because I needed my blade to get through. My blade made me feel proud. I began to get suicidal because I wasn't cutting. Some people are extremely different.

Cutting isn't the only form of self harm.
- Burning.
- Hitting.
- Breaking bones.
- Scratching.
- Biting.

Those are other types.

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.
Do you know you're unlike any other, and I said.
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors.
I don't ever wanna love another.
You'll always be my thunder. <3
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