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Default Re: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows {SPOILER ZONE}

Originally Posted by Yeller View Post
i was sooooo sad when fred died, and when george lost his ear. and when i found out lupin and tonks had died, i almost started screaming!

i really hope rowling dont continue a story with harry ginny ron and hermione's children. it would just totally kill it. if she wrote something like what phillip pullman did with the his dark materials series and lyra's oxford it would be okay. but definitely not another series.
It is the last book in the series and she has no plans for writing another HP book. But she might write an encycopedia on all the charcters on what sort of happened to each between the last chapter and the epilogue. Oh and i finished the book in 2 days in about 20 hours. oh yah... I ROCK!

EDIT: i found this article very interesting:

these are my favorites
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