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Default Chaotic.

Fay, my name.
I'm fifteen.
Very careless and wreck less.
I'm happy to say I am engaged.
Got a problem with my age, then learn to join the "I don't care" club.
I believe in chaos and anarchy.
Hint, the username and signature.
Today I think our government is doing more damage than recovery.
That's my opinion, care to tag along for a debate.
Anyway, I'm not punk. So, don't get the idea to call me some label.
If you care to label me, then do it right.
The right way would be emo.
Most people claim that having labels is downgrading but it's life. Get use to it because it won't go away because you hate it.
I'm very open minded, which happens to get in the way.
If I don't like you then you will know.
And I hope you would do the same for me.
I love skateboarding, it's my life.
I have over three boards, I spray paint them and remake them from the trucks up.
I enjoy screamo and hardcore music.
Throw in some punk and we will be best friends.
I don't listen to directions and sometimes fuck up things.
But, whatever.
Nice to meet you all. :]

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.
Do you know you're unlike any other, and I said.
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors.
I don't ever wanna love another.
You'll always be my thunder. <3
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