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Hehe! Aww, im glad but if you ever lose it.....i can always give you another one.... hahaha!j/k

Anyway, yeah i know what you mean about trying to piece bits together, its just.....well, theres nothing . I dont think my friends knew what to think at first, i think they thought i had just taken something alot stronger cos everyone was a bit boozy that night so they didnt really notice much...but when they saw what i was like the next day ....i sat for ages trying to think, thats how i knew it couldn't have been alcohol cos even with an excessive amount (which it defo was not at all) i would have remembered random bits (unfortunately i also know that, having been in that state before .....not good lol) but theres just a blank....its as if time didnt even exist...or at least thats what it feels like ...

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