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Default Grow Penis Grow!!!

ok lok i am 14.
i have armpit hair(even though most of my friends dont)
i have pubic hair n sum facial hair.
i can ejaculate.
ive grown taller and im pretty sure i have gone through puberty.
well i am really pissed because since i am the tallest out of my friends and the biggest i expected to like have a pretty average penis size.
problem is I DONT!
my penis is VERY small when it is soft (liek a little kid's) and my balls look like they havent dropped when its like that.
after i masturbate my penis looks a little bigger(like 2 inches) n my balls look like they have dropped.
when i am hard my penis is 3 inches and its not even normal girth so it still looks like a lil kids. the girth is liek that of a bottle cap.
i have been thinking of buying Extenze(somehow) but i dont think i can.
im pissed because my friends like u know say i have a small penis because they sometimes go "how big is it?" n i dont respond.
im pretty sure my friends have 6+ in. long penises because when i sleep over their houses they r in boxers n i can see their wang dangling.
im also pissed becausethis lowers my self steem about dating because i will be gong into high school soon.
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