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Post I always said I wouldn't

All my thoughts are being eaten up by one word now...suicide. I have always seen it as giving in but now I'm not to sure. I wonder what it would feel like to jump of that building and leave everything behind. I'm not a religious person but I think there could be some life after death. This is the one and only thing that stops me from doing it. The thought that I might have to go and suffer somewhere else instead just makes me thing what's the point. It's not my life that is bad it's me. I have realised that there is no choice whatsoever. Not one little bit. I drive myself crazy because I do not like who I am. I'm not a ver nice person and I realise things tht I'd rather not. You may say well just be nice then but It's a lot harder than it sounds. The badness is embeded within me. If I knew there was no life after death I'd do a few things I've always wanted to then jump. Maybe thats why we never know.

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